Post Surgery Pics
The Beginning
Post Surgery Pics
Feeding Tubes
Dental Prosthesis
Dental Care
Radiation Pics 1
Radiation Pics 2

Three Days After Eight Hour Surgery

Mike's surgery only shows on the outside but extensive work was done inside: palatectomy, partial pharyngectomy and a comprehensive radical left neck dissection. He also had a temporary tracheotomy and a feeding tube (PEG) put in place as well.

Tracheotomy plus Two large incisions
Tracheotomy plus two large incisions and
Two drainage tubes He still looks good!
two drainage tubes -- he still looks good!

The surgery left him with a large hole where the soft palate was. He couldn't talk for the first week and communicated with a dry erase whiteboard. This would mean his voice sounded like someone with a cleft palate, which in effect he had now. He also had a problem drinking -- liquids would reflux up his nose.

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