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2012 UPDATE: I've remarried but am still a full-time RVer. We live and travel in 41' fifth wheel along with our pup, Sadie. It's a toy hauler for our two Harley-Davidson motorcycles. We pull it with a medium duty Freightliner. You can follow our blog at Our Prime Years.

Sadie has her own blog, too,

I have also started writing fiction and if you are interested, you can follow that blog, Donna B. McNicol, author.

You know, growing old isn't for sissies but it sure is better than the alternative. Over the past ten years, this site has been many things. It started as a place to share family pictures, talk about our RVing adventures and other personal adventures.

Then our lives changed, we sold our motorhome, my husband was diagnosed with cancer, we found new homes for our dogs, moved to Florida where we spent our spare time riding our motorcycles. We managed to get in one long trip, the first (only & last) for Mike. Twelve days on the road, St. Petersburg FL to Johnstown, PA, for the Thunder in the Valley annual event.

In October of 2004 we relocated to Sparta, TN which is where I wanted to end up. We got settled into the house, attended a wonderful family reunion at our youngest daughter's in Atlanta area, renewed our wedding vows (19 years) with Mike's brother officiating and our kids signing our marriage certificate (5 our of the 6 kids and 10 out of the then 12 grandkids managed to attend as well as Mike's brother, step-sister, both my brothers and their wives and a couple of close family friends). In November 2004 my husband passed away.

Life is a roller coaster ride, isn't it! After much thought and discussion, I have decided to sell my house and once again take to the roads in an RV. This means some major changes and a lot of NEW research into the current RVing on-line world.

I have started an on-line BLOG to chronicle my journey back onto the road. Since I have decided to name my new home on wheels, The Lily Pad, that is the name of my blog. I hope you will enjoy following along. 

Currently the RV section of this site is NOT up to date but many have asked that it be kept available.

UPDATE: As of October 26, 2007, I am officially homeless and a full-time RVer (all the gory details are in my blog).

UPDATE 2: As of April 11, 2009, I am happily remarried to another full-time RVer and motorcyclist, you can follow us on our blog - The Back End of Nowhere (Our Prime Years).

UPDATE 3: As of December 12th, we are moving to Ecuador for an extended vacation. You can follow our adventures on our second blog - Retired in Cuenca.

And remember,
    Enjoy Life, this is not a dress rehearsal!

Donna a.k.a. Froggi

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